Sofitel Montevideo
Casino Carrasco & Spa

/ May 2010 – December 2012

In the emblematic building of 1921 of the city of Montevideo, Uruguay; abandoned for over 20 years; the Spanish - Argentinean investor group Carrasco Nobile S.A. restored the Hotel, Casino & Spa, turning it into the most sophisticated 5 star Hotel and Casino complex with a total of 116 guestrooms including 23 suites, fitness center, spa, conference facilities and meeting rooms, fine dining French restaurant, Tea Gallery, Lounge Bar Thais , an indoor and outdoor pool together with over 3000 m² of game rooms, more than 400 slots, and a V.I.P. room.

Bidding and building up of the Mock Up room. We worked in the general purchasing and procurement management for the project and interior design concept. Bidding, selection and recruitment of local and overseas suppliers, follow-up of the prototypes and the general manufacturing; execution of the interior decoration project. Overall coordination of logistics and mounting of the guestrooms, suites, public areas and services areas. Complete delivery and assembly logistics.
Once we received the Concept boards from the interior designers SMD Designs France + FLB Buenos Aires, each item was carefully studied and taken care, respecting the cost effective and high quality budget implementation always taking into consideration the delivery due dates. We developed and produced the textiles with severe accuracy in compliance with the decorative pallets and safeguarding the conceptual genesis. In this way, we achieved to recreate a mythic period of history merging into modern warmth which is worthy of this hospitality masterpiece.
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