About Us
We are a company that offers professional services related to architecture and interior design, specializing in purchasing administration and procurement for hospitality projects. We also provide an integral solution for a cost effective and high quality budget implementation.

Since 2001, we have been part of nearly ten new endeavors within Latin America. In every case, our involvement started with the foundation stone up to the inauguration and full operation of the hotel.

/ Experience and Prestige

In over a decade of practical experience and throughout each of the challenges that we have met, is remarkable the difference and the importance that it makes to count with specialized professionals and collaborators regarding the exclusive tasks of procurement and purchasing techniques for the outcome of a successful gestion. Mainly because they are a key component in order to achieve the best distribution of resources in a wise and comprehensive manner for the procurement of different elements, such as: bedrooms and public areas furniture, upholstery and curtains fabrics, bedding, lighting fixtures, carpets, wall coverings, decorative items, accessories, operational supplies, uniforms, table ware, linens and more. (FF&E and OS&E).

Is not only essential but also an excellent complement for the Purchasing Administration Services to provide with technical support and work jointly with the Project Manager, the contracting company and the architectural and interior design firm in order to execute every stage of the procurement program.

The possibilities and the services we offer are wide and versatile. Thus, we invite you to know who we are, in order to deepen into the administration and management purchasing territory related to hospitality projects.
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